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2 Comments | martie 6, 2012

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Acest blog a luat nastere din dorinta de a arata celor din jur ca exista alternative cat mai naturale, ecologice si sanatoase la tot ce inseamna viata. Sunt mama si sotie si doresc sa asigur familiei mele un stil de viata sanatos, avand ca baza ingrediente simple si sanatoase. Iubesc natura in toata splendoarea ei si caut sa folosesc  ceea ce ea imi ofera pentru a trai sanatos.  In tumultul aceste lumi, nu uit sa ma bucur si  sa ma minunez de creatia lui Dumnezeu si sunt recunoscatoare pentru tot ce primesc in fiecare zi.

Va invit sa gustati alaturi de mine o altfel de viata, o viata simpla dar frumoasa, o intoarcere la lucrurile cu adevarat pretioase.


  1. posted by Terane on iunie 24, 2015

    If it’s on your mouth then you most likely got it from inntecnoly kissing a family member or friend that has cold sores during child hood, many people contract HSV1 this way it’s actually what causes cold sores (oral herpes) and they are very common to have on the mouth. Cold sores don’t commonly come from having sex.You can kiss her or give her oral sex when you have absolutely NO signs or symptoms of an out break. Herpes is more contagious while there is any signs of an out break, but you do have a slight chance of passing it when you don’t have an out break. This is because of viral shedding which is spreading herpes when you don’t have symptoms. Viral shedding usually happens around the time of and in between out breaks. Viral shedding usually happens for a small number of days out of the year, but it’s unpredictable even to you. If you do get a cold sore or break out wait until it’s completely gone then wait a few more days to kiss her or give her oral sex.

  2. posted by Buzatu Marina on iunie 10, 2015

    buna mar putea ajuta cineva si pe mine sa pot comercializa dulceata gemuri compoturi facute de mine in cospodarie fara conservanti si sunt facute la foc in ceaun fructele sun din livada noastra va multumesc

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